Swimming pool covers save water, energy and chemicals, providing an affordable and simple way to reduce the carbon footprint of your swimming pool, plus saving you money. But… not all swimming pool covers are the same!

GeoBubble is scientifically designed specifically for a harsh swimming pool environment, and sets a new benchmark for all other swimming pool bubble coves materials.

The science behind GeoBubble

A traditional bubble cover material’s original design was developed from the packaging industry, which is a high volume, low quality packaging bubble material which only has a short life-span. Because of this, traditional bubbles have several inherent weaknesses in their design, including thin points and high residual stress. These thin points are weak points which are quickly broken down by UV radiation and chemical attack. The degradation process is accelerated in areas of high stress, as these areas are under constant strain. These factors result in the bubble material breaking down and premature failure of the cover.

Over a 5 year period research has gone into the use of the best additives, stabilisers anti oxidant package and bubble design, with the aim of producing the best performance and longest lasting pool bubble cover material available.

What makes GeoBubble unique?

  • Unique patented design of two bubbles joined together by a waist line centre section.
  • No Sharp corners resulting in no thin or weak points in the design.
  • The material contains no stress due to the smooth interconnected curves
  • The overall thickness of a GeoBubble is 50% more than a traditional bubble.
  • Swimming pool covers are exposed to high Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and chemical attack. GeoBubble helps make the cover more resilient and resistant to these attacks.

GeoBubble benefits

  • More resilient than a traditional bubble cover, GeoBubble will increase the cover’s life-span by 25%, provided that the swimming pool water is balanced within industry standard.
  • Superior design achieves the highest energy and chemical saving efficiencies, reducing the carbon footprint of a pool. By choosing a GeoBubble cover that suits your needs you can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat up your pool, eliminate water evaporation by 98%+, reduce chemical consumption and debris contamination. At the end of its life, a GeoBubble cover is 100% recyclable (Grade 4LDPE recycling).
  • Will save money and time spent on pool upkeep.

Why does GeoBubble have a large footprint?

GeoBubble has a much larger footprint than most traditional bubble materials to allow for the expansion of air in the bubble shape. The stiff waistline section makes the bubble strong enough to hold expanding air and will not stretch and burst under pressure. The large footprint also acts as an insulator, retaining heat in the pool, plus helps the cover stick to the water so it cannot be blown off the pool.

Traditional Bubble