Rollup Stations

Rollup Stations

When buying a pool cover, one doesn’t always think about adding a Rollup Station but they are the perfect way to add convenience, plus they ensure correct storage of the cover when it is not on the pool. In the absence of a rollup station, thermal pool covers are often scraped over the paving or pool edges, leading to wear and tear and causing premature ageing of the cover. So the benefits actually go way beyond cover convenience.

Over the years we have steadily built up our range of Rollup Stations. The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, the leading safety cover in SA, can be automated with the Vektor, and there are now a number of options for our GeoBubble range. We’re excited to have just launched a new solar-powered rollup system – the PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller. Powered by solar, it does away with the need for electrical wires running to the pool side. Sustainability and style in one chic, compact unit.

Read on for more info about each of our Rollup Stations and how they can make your covered pool truly effortless this summer.

Rollup Stations for GeoBubble covers

NEW! The Automated GeoRoller

The PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller is an excellent and affordable way to add automation to your GeoBubble pool cover without the cost of fully automatic slatted covers. The GeoRoller takes pool cover innovation and every day functionality to the next level and there is no other roller system like this on the local market.


  • Ease of use for larger covers: it is recommended that the GeoRoller is added where pools exceed 7 metres in length.
  • Prevent wear and tear: prevents abrasive wear and tear caused by dragging the cover over the pool’s paving.
  • Solar convenience: because it is solar powered, it is sustainable and off the grid, and easily installed without any electrical connections.
  • Available in widths of up to 5 metres .
  • The solar / PV panel is adjustable, making it easy to align the solar panel correctly to the sun for optimal charging.
  • Operated with a remote control or directly on the unit.

One week delivery time.

Manual rollup stations for GeoBubble covers

Each of these manual rollup stations are designed for different requirements:

  • Jupiter Rollup Station – where pools are over 7 metres in length, a GeoBubble cover can require extra manpower to operate. The Jupiter system is a great solution for larger covers. 
  • Mercury Rollup Station – a rollup system designed for large covers and lane covers on school and gym pools. Learn more.
  • RollerBench – extra functionality from a Rollup Station. This system combines a manual rollup system with a handy pool side bench. 
  • Starter Block Rollup Station – this is a unique design, used where there are starter blocks in place. The Rollup Station extends over the starter block and can be moved and secured into place with ease.

Vektor Rollup Station

for The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover

Although this is not essential and our safety cover is very easy to use, when it comes to child safety one of the biggest risks is when the pool is left open after swimming. The Vektor, available exclusively from PowerPlastics Pool Covers, eliminates the temptation to be lazy about re-securing the pool after use.

This lightweight, portable unit is slotted into the battens of the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover. When the gear motor is engaged, it rotates the cover’s battens to open or close the pool for swimming.

Vektor is suited to solid pool covers measuring up to 12m x 5.5m.