Solar Blankets

Solar Blankets

The most sustainable way to heat your swimming pool!

There are 3 types of Solar blankets available:

  • Thermal Blue Covers which are used to reduce water evaporation and prevent heat loss particularly where your pool is heated by Solar panels or a Heat Pump
  • Solar Heating Cover(Translucent).These are used to prevent water evaporation losses but mainly to increase your pool temperature by up to 30 degrees.
  • Energy Guard Covers. These are predominantly used to prevent the growth of Algae during the winter months particularly when the pool is pump is switched off for long periods. (For more information on all of these 3 options please see below).

All solar blankets have the following properties:

  • Solar blankets are made from polyethylene with UV inhibitors for a longer life.
  • Solar blankets prevent dust and debris from entering your swimming pool, thereby reducing filtration time and chemicals needed by up to 50%.
  • Solar blankets stop water evaporation due to heat and particularly to wind, up to 98%. (This is a big problem in the Western Cape with constant winds and extreme heat).
  • Solar blankets retain the heat created by the blanket or other heating system during the night when most heat would leach away.
  • Solar Blankets float on the surface of the water and are customised to the shape of your swimming pool.
  • Surface tension holds a solar blanket in place and a lap-up prevents winds from getting underneath the blanket.
  • Further Wind protection can be added in cases where winds are extreme.
  • Solar Blankets generally pay for themselves within a year due to the savings made on water retention, chemical and filter usage, and reduction of the pump running time.
  • Wind-up stations can fitted for ease of use but this is dependent on the shape of your swimming and availability of space.
  • Solar blankets have NO safety element and should not be considered as an alternative!
  • All our solar blankets can be used in conjunction with a Pool Sentinel Safety Net.

Energy Guard

  • Energy guard is a 500 micron solar blanket that is impervious to sunlight.
  • Designed with the same GeoBubble system as Sol Guard, this blanket is used specifically for winterising your pool.
  • By excluding sunlight and heat from your swimming pool during the months that the pool is covered, algae growth is brought down to virtually nothing
  • Only minimal care is needed to maintain the water

Sol Guard

  • This is a 500 micron solar blanket that is almost clear, allowing most sunlight and heat through and creating a “greenhouse” effect within the water.
  • A Sol Guard solar blanket can raise the temperature of your swimming pool by up to 10 degrees Celsius! Increasing the length of your swimming season and creating temperatures more enjoyable for swimming
  • Sol Guard has a GeoBubble (double bubble) design to prevent chlorine from attacking the underside of the blanket.
  • Sol Guard is aesthetically pleasing as it is almost clear

Thermal Covers

  • Blue in colour and raising the water temperature by up to 4 degrees celcius
  • Imported Blue: This thermal cover is 400 microns thick and is easier to fold and lighter to handle than the others.

Roll-up Stations

  • This aluminium and steel station can be attached to any solar blanket
  • Its purpose is for ease of removing and replacing the solar blanket
  • The roll up station is static during use and is attached by a bolt on either side into the coping. It is movable (castor wheels and retracting bolts) once the blanket is rolled on to it for easy storage
  • A float tube is inserted into the reinforcing on the leading edge so the blanket rides the on surface of the water during removal and replacement
  • The Roll Up Station is ideal for large, square or rectangular pools (normally 8.0m or longer), and Pool Sentinel has developed unique solutions for other shapes of swimming pools