We are indeed very thankful to you for the installation of our pool net. You have done a very professional job with the installation. You clearly know what you are doing and I hope you will remain in business for a long time to serve many other clients such as us. We can now sleep securely trusting that our grandchild will be safe.

Llewellyn & Felicia

I would just like to say thank you for the really great work that you guys did with our Pool Cover. The entire process and experience which we had from you has been a real pleasant one and I will very proudly promote your work and you company to all that enquire.

Shaun & Colleen

Thanks again for the great job you guys did. My daughter is now safe all summer long!


Why are there not more people like you who operate with integrity and courtesy. Thanks so much for the personal attention to this, I am encouraged and reassured that you are the correct company. Thanks so much, you’re an absolute gentleman!


I would like to commend you on the remarkable service I received from you, when requesting a pool net to be installed on my swimming pool, with immediacy. Within 24 hours my pool had it’s safety net on, in time for my adventurous, and recently crawling grandson’s return home. In matters of urgency as in a safety net, the kind of service I received from Pool Sentinel was commendable and much appreciated. Some weeks later, on experiencing a small problem with my net I received the same efficient prompt service. Doing business with your company has been a pleasure, and…